The responsible use of personal information is not negotiable at AARDEN SOLAR. Privacy laws require that AARDEN SOLAR:
• safeguards personal information.
• uses personal information appropriately; and
• retains such only where necessary and only transfers personal information under limited circumstances.

AARDEN SOLAR fully respects privacy laws and is subject to an internal framework of privacy rules, as set out in its Privacy Standard.
The Group’s Website Privacy Standard for Website Usage is available here.
PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act)
PAIA is structured to allow for the application of section 32 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. The purpose of this legislation is to promote transparency, accountability, and governance both in the private and public sectors.
• The Group’s PAIA Manual is available on this page.
• To access the full act, please click here

POPI Act (Protection of personal information)
POPI is structured to protect personal information from being:
• re-sold.
• causing inconvenience.
• damage; and
• loss or fraud related to the resale and use of that information.
POPI impacts on any personal information that is being gathered by companies. It clearly outlines:
• the way information should be stored.
• what care should be taken in dealing with that information.
• when that information must be purged; and
• allows for no deviation from these rules.
The purpose of the POPI act is to protect personal information, to strike a balance between the right to privacy and the need for the free flow of, and access to information, and to regulate how personal information is processed.
• To access the full act, please click here